Last couple of months I’ve been busy with a few commissions and trying out some new ideas.

Magpies are still going strong which have been selling! Also produced some more walkers layering fabrics onto maps.



Latest piece “Bubble Wrapped – Fragile” is mixed media. Combining figurative painting with vintage fabrics and bubble wrap. All to do with our use of plastics and our desire to protect our children and the environment!


Repeat Magpies

Here a the duplicate pieces “One for Sorrow” & “Two for Joy” which are now on display at Gallery No.42 Bishop Auckland.



August to September completed a series of hand embroidered fabric collages based on the children’s rhyme “One for Sorrow” featuring magpies. I completed two versions of “one for Sorrow” and “two for joy”. The complete series went from one to seven. Each piece was created on vintage table linen. The shapes of the vintage table linen had a direct influence on the composition of each piece.

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret never to be told



Since my last post I’ve had some good news. Firstly “Second hand Rose” shown in my last post, won the Embroiderers Guild Regional Members Challenge..YAY! “Floral Skins I & II” have sold, my “Stitched Into Memory” piece (Roseberry Topping image ) has got accepted for the North York Moors Art Award exhibition which opens in August. I’m now a member of a textile group called “Northern Threads” as well as  the Embroiderers’ Guild and most importantly “The Society for Embroidered  Work”. In between short breaks abroad I’ve been fairly busy finishing off work and starting some new projects. The fabric collage piece below is now finished. It involved hand embroidery on vintage table linen and layers of organza. Some of which I printed with some old family photos. All I need now is to settle on a title… I keep changing it! I’m now working on some silk Moth images. I hope to show some photos of these on my next post. I’m not good at keeping this blog up to date far better with my Instagram account @l.wood100.


Adding to my gallery

I’m adding to my galleries with the work shown above. Starting with a landscape (Roseberry Topping)/ figurative piece combining watercolour and hand embroidery. Painting with thread.

”Secondhand Rose” is another hand embroidered piece inspired by a Waterhouse painting. I used secondhand layers of fabrics collaged to a vintage piece of table linen.

The “Floral Skin” is a series of three hand embroidered figurative pieces. Inspired by how humans use floral designs to decorate not just garments but their skins with tattoos.


I have neglected this site for some time, so here is a bit of an update.

I was delighted to sell my piece “Domestic Nest” when displayed in the “Into the Woods” exhibition at the Woodhorn Gallery, Ashington in the Spring.

My piece “Secondhand Rose” won this year’s Embroiderers’ Guild North East Regional members’ challenge in May.

My “Floral Skin” series of three hand embroidered figurative pieces are currently on show at the “Bloom Exhibition” at No.42 Gallery, Bishop Auckland.


In February I started exhibiting work in three venues. Firstly in Greenfield Community College, Newton Aycliffe. This exhibition has now ended. I was delighted to have two pieces selected for the “Into the Woods” exhibition at the Woodhorn Museum gallery in Ashington which continues to mid April. Two pieces have also been selected for the Spring Exhibition at No.42 Gallery, Bishop Auckland.

Catch Up

I seem to have neglected this site for some time. Since my last post I’m pleased to say I have been accepted as a member of the Society for Embroidered Work. I feel very honoured and amazed at the talent of its members.

Im not really posting on Facebook anymore preferring INSTAGRAM (instagram@l.wood100) where you can find more examples of my up to date work.

Here is a couple of photos. The first is some work in progress on the theme of trees. Hand stitching a murmuration of starlings on vintage table linen. The second a hand stitched Hand of Fatima on silk for a travelling book.2C65BF44-ECA5-47A0-A699-65979C43FCDF945BDD23-CE43-4341-8F5A-DB46D3CBCE9E